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Transitions at iHealthNetworks Is a New Way for Better Patient Coordination.

Streamlining patient coordination with Transitions is one of iHealthNetworks' top member services.

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Transitions Is a Web-Based App for Better Coordination and Patient Planning.

iHealthNetworks is driving the HIT revolution. Our web-based services will streamline your workload and provide a convenient communication network connecting every part of the care continuum

iHealthNetworks is designed to integrate seamlessly with existing HIT systems and clinical workflow processes, bringing together physicians, clinicians, vendors, patients and families in one network for faster and more efficient patient coordination.

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Transitions is a multi-directional, web-based application designed specifically to reduce the complications and waste involved in patient coordination from one environment to another.

With real-world clinical workflow built into Transitions, health care providers, vendors and patients/famlies have a streamlined process while reducing time-consuming calling back forth and other stressful delays.

Our real time Daily Census Reporting (DCR), managed by our users, allows better visibility and accessibility across the continuum and for more efficient referrals.

Most importantly, our virtual tours and provider communication services through our public user services allows patients and families to be more involved with their coordination and transition. Members can view and communicate directly with the pending facility, health care provider, and vendors reducing the chaos of a referral coordination and transitioning.

The full power of Transitions is available only with a membership to iHealthNetworks.


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