iHealthNetwork’s Innovative, Web-Based Medical Health Software Solutions Transform Health Care

iHealthNetworks is a web-based, one-stop health care community providing a convenient, real-time network for clinicians, health care providers, patients and families, and related health care professionals.

Our mission is to improve clinical processes, increase efficiency, streamline transitions and outcomes, and increase profitability throughout the health care continuum while enhancing patient satisfaction and care.

iHealthNetworks’ HIPAA Compliant network was developed by a clinician for clinicians. Our multi-directional approach is revolutionary to health care. On iHealthNetworks, health care professionals can communicate and navigate across the care continuum:

  • • Acute care facilities
  • • Post-acute facilities
  • • Home health care agencies
  • • Hospice companies
  • • Durable medical equipment vendors
  • • Home medical equipment vendors
  • • Physicians
  • • Pharmacy vendors
  • • Patients and families (public users)
  • • and more.

iHealthNetworks uses health information technology in revolutionary ways to bring health care together in one web-based community. Our HIT solutions are designed to improve coordination of care across the health care spectrum.

iHealthNetworks Means Online Medical Health Software and So Much More

The key to iHealthNetworks’ innovation is that it maintains the integrity of the real-world clinical workflow, allowing easier and more efficient communication and coordination. Why waste time phoning and faxing dozens of post-acute facilities and vendors when they are all on iHealthNetworks?

Learn more about how iHealthNetworks can streamline your administrative tasks and improve patient transitions. Become a member today.

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