iHN is "Bringing HealthCare Together" to ONE Centralized HealthCare Community to Simplify Clinical Processes, Improve Time, Cost and Improve Patient / Family Satisfaction.

  • iHN specifically aims to simplify staff utilization and care coordination by standardizing and streamlining administrative processes to improve the quality and cost-effectiveness of care transitions across the health care continuum.
  • iHN's user-friendly technology allows clinicians to communicate and navigate more effectively in a much shorter time frame with audit trails and accountability measures time stamped.
  • Unlike other products to improve care transition inefficiencies, iHN focuses on clinical work flow efficiencies without requiring additional clinical or transition personnel.
  • Complete marketing capabilities to other HealthCare provider
  • Employment and Training Posting Capabilities
  • Allows Providers to Communicate and Navigate IN/OUTSIDE their own Networks
  • More Efficient Care Transition Coordination
  • Improved Visibility
  • Fulfillment of Compliance and Accountability
  • Improved Patient Care and Family Satisfaction.
  • iHN's innovative use of technology to streamline the clinical workflow process is the key to saving time, lowering costs and improving patient satisfaction.

Please, contact iHN for your membership and join us as we continue "Bringing HealthCare Together"

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