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Bring Health Care Together with Innovative Health Care Software Applications and More

Health care today is a fragmented patchwork of providers, vendors, hospitals, and clinics. They exist in the phone book under “health care,” but one rarely coordinates with another, even when transitioning patients. Bringing health care together in one convenient online network is the vision of iHealthNetworks.

Becoming an iHealthNetworks subscriber will benefit nearly every aspect of your health care services:

  • - Improving data sharing and communication costs
  • - Leveraging existing health information technology systems to create new opportunities
  • - Tracking communications and measuring results
  • - Developing position-specific profiles and features for each member of your team
  • - Creating smoother transitions for patients across the entire continuum
  • - Giving your organization a competitive advantage

One of the first benefits of your subscription you will see is better and more efficient coordination of care. iHealthNetworks specifically aims to simplify staff and care coordination by standardizing and streamlining administrative processes that will improve the quality and lower the cost of care transitions.

Clinical Workflow Is Built Into Our Health Care Software Applications

What sets iHealthNetworks apart from other products is our focus on clinical workflow efficiencies without requiring additional clinical or care transition coaches. iHealthNetworks is user-friendly and HIPAA-compliant. Instead of having to implement new software throughout existing systems, with all the expenses of training involved, members can receive the benefits of iHealthNetworks’ web-based solutions for just a small monthly fee.

Better communication allows for smoother transitions. An iHealthNetworks membership allows providers to communicate and navigate inside and outside their own networks, increasing the power of their HIT systems.

More efficient care transition coordination is a prime benefit to health care providers and hospitals of all kinds. Built-in notification features require all participants to be more accountable throughout the coordination of care, which improves the quality of care.

Improved patient care is the ultimate goal of every health care professional, and a subscription at iHealthNetworks simplifies clinical and administrative tasks to improve workflow management and help you and your staff to achieve the ultimate goal: improved patient satisfaction.

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